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Book your charter flight today and fly at your convenience and comfort. Charter Flights - Book Charter Flight with Ojigy and avail great discounts on your Charter Flight Booking.


Q - What is a Charter flight?

A: A charter flight is a non-scheduled commercial flight that can be utilised for personal use. These flights are usually used for any personal requirements such as vacation travel, business travels etc. Charter flights are a combination of safety, luxury and comfort.

Q - What is the process of booking a charter flight?

A: We will guide you through every step of the process. We will help you select the best option from a wide range of choices, as per your requirement. Once you have confirmed your choice, you will make the payment and your private charter booking would be confirmed.

Q - Where will I board the charter flights from?

A: For non-scheduled general aviation activity, such as private charter flights, there are designated places at the airport. Once you have confirmed your booking with us, you will receive detailed information related to your private charter journey.

Q - Is flying in a charter flight safe?

A: Private charter flights maximise safety and comfort. These are personalised flights that ensure minimum waiting time at the airport, hygienic and comfortable travel. The crew is highly trained, the pilots are certified and most of them have more than 8000 hrs of flying experience.