Fare Rules


Fare Rules for all Domestic Flights book through Ojigy are mentioned below. The above is subject to confirmation by the airline. The mentioned fare rules are only indicative and not guaranteed of the actual.


Fare Type




Upto 1000
Upto 1000
Free Hot Meals
Upto 1000
Upto 1000
Free Standard Seats
Not Allowed
>4 Days 2500+200
0-4 days 3000+200
>4 Days 0+200
0-4 days 3000+200
Not Allowed
>4 Days 3000+200
0-4 Days 3500+200
>4 Days 500+200
0-4 Days 3500+200


*Notes :

The airline fee and baggage is indicative. Ojigy does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. All fees are mentioned per passenger.

The fare rules are applicable for all flights at least 4 hours prior to departure.

Carry no more than 1 check-in baggage and 1 hand baggage per passenger.

Check the detailed list of State guidelines by Indian States and UTs. Know More.

The above is applicable only on Domestic Flights.


*Important Notes for Non-Refundable Fare :

Booking confirmation will take a minimum of 30 Minutes.

Seats are Subject to availability, In case of non availability, Ojigy will refund the amount.

The PNR will be live on Airline's website 12 hours prior to departure.