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Vistara's Partnership with Volantio for Overbooking Accelerator and RevBoost

A huge congratulations to Volantio's partner Vistara who have just successfully completed the full integration and launch of Volantio RevBoost suite in *record* time.

Vistara's Partnership with Volantio

Vistara becomes the first Indian airline to offer the most modern version of Volantio RevBoost, and the first carrier *globally* to fully leverage Volantio's innovative, exclusive, and direct connection to Amadeus for airlines's ALTEA platform (dramatically reducing the IT resources by airlines to integrate valuable new services).

Earlier this year, Vistara launched Volantio's "Revenue Rebook" module, enabling them to create additional supply on peak flights, on a tactical basis as needed. Today Vistara launched Volantio's "Overbooking Accelerator" module, significantly modernizing and improving guest experience when flights are oversold.


This further translates into the fact that if the flight is overbooked, then the system itself will manage transfer, shift, rebooking, compensation and all the various factors which have to be taken into account. The entire system functioning as one-stop support for consumers, avoiding the need for human interaction. This brings Vistara into competition with Indigo and AirAsia Tia which have a flawless system to manage overbooking.

Overbooking Accelerator puts full control in the hands of guests, enabling them to volunteer for alternative flights, be rebooked, and receive compensation - all in a self-service manner.

Volantio's CEO congratulated the entire team -

A huge thanks and congrats to the ENTIRE Vistara team whose hard work made this milestone possible: Santosh Kumar SinghZorawar Bawabhanu chaudharySumit TehlanVarun KaushalVarun ChopraBurges Daruwalla, Nafisa Hussain, Rakhi chhabraMamata Shukla, Nikhil Garg, Jyoti DhingraGopal ShardaSumer RaiChandan SohandaniPurba Dubey, Bhavna Tiwari, and ofcourse Vinod Kannan. Innovation does not happen by accident - it's a choice and requires hard work. You continue to set the example for full-service carriers in India and beyond.

We look forward to achieving great things, and as always your successes are ours.

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As per Volantio's website, the features of it's Revenue RevBook tool is -


Move passengers from high value to low value inventory and generate incremental profit.


Post-booking Profit Optimization

The Yana Seat Resell module gives airlines another tool to optimize the use of their available inventory. When the value of a flight increases and inventory is limited, it automatically contacts passengers with an opportunity to move to a lower value alternative flight. Once the passenger is automatically compensated and moved to the new flight, the original seat is now available to be re-sold.


Optimized Decisions

The Yana platform maintains machine learning models that allow it to determine how likely passengers are to agree to move to an alternative flight. When there is an opportunity to profitably move passengers from one flight to another, it is able to optimally balance compensation and other costs to the airline with the potential profit.


Maximising capacity


“Our platform provides a rare triple-win,” he added. “Flexible passengers receive a benefit for changing their travel plans, last-minute travellers are able to access flights that otherwise would have been full, and airlines can better maximise network capacity and unit revenue, while putting greater predictability and control back in the hands of their customers.”


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