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This sweet gesture by Indigo air hostesses floors impresses onboard delayed flight

BENGALURU: An ingenious gesture by two air hostesses on board an Indigo 6E 7911 flight from Bengaluru to Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh on Monday has left behind a sweet memory for the passengers on board despite a frustrating delay of about three hours due to extreme weather.

Flight No. 6E 7911 was supposed to depart from Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) at 9.05 am on September 27, 2021. However, due to bad weather at Kurnool, the airline did not get permission to take off from Bengaluru until 11 am. Even after reaching the Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy Airport 45 minutes later, rainy conditions ensured it was left circling in the skies (in a holding pattern) for about an hour before it could was given permission to land.


However, the sole flyers on board, eight male passengers, were not complaining after reaching their destination. A handwritten note was given on board to each flyer signed by flight attendants Sneha and Merentula ensured their tempers were cooled at one go.


The note ran thus:

“Nature is something which is beyond our control! Dear sir, thank you for being so patient and understanding us during the delay in our departure caused due to weather conditions. We thank you for your support and truly appreciate choosing Indigo as your travel partner. Hope to see you on many more Indigo flights…from Sneha & Merentula.”


Among those impressed was Venkatraghavan Chandra, a software professional on way to Kurnool for a personal visit. Reliving the incident, he told, “We were all on board the plane including the pilots when it had to wait nearly two hours at the tarmac to get clearance to take-off. Even after reaching our destination, it had to circle for long to get landing permission due to the weather. It was then that the air hostesses handed over this note to each one of us. I really appreciate the gesture by them.”


Chandra also took to twitter to applaud the gesture and put up a copy of the note.


An Indigo spokesperson also confirmed the action taken by the stewardesses of the flight.